For more than 10 years, Handraiser has been used by campaigns to help win elections and seen an amazing success rate.  Here are a few of the features we know to be crucial to helping a campaign identify, activate and measure the participation of its voters.

Friends & Family

Handraiser is unique in its ability to leverage the friends & family relationships of your staff & volunteers to run a more effective campaign.

Identify Friends & Family Relationships
Handraiser enables your staff and volunteers to identify voters who are either Friends or Family and with who they have a familiar relationship.

Focus Contacts
Handraiser prioritizes outreach efforts so staff first contact their own Friends & Family.  This increases the likelihood of a meaningful conversation and lowers stress on your staff as they are reaching out to people they know.

Improve Voter Turnout
Handraiser has proven over many campaigns that contacts through familiar relationships significantly improves voter turnout and increases your chances of winning your campaign.

Voter Segmentation

Handraiser contains a wealth of information about your potential Voters, as well as enabling you to upload custom fields with your Voter data.  Segmentation allows you to divide these voters into similar groupings for targeted messaging.

Segment Based on Multiple Criteria
You can segment voters based on all of this voter data, empowering you to target specific voter groups, such as 30-40 yr old males earning $50-150K who subscribe to Men’s Fitness.  You can then customize your communication efforts based on voter interests and demographics.

Save Your Segments
Segments can be used throughout Handraiser to manage outreach efforts.  Assign segments to volunteers based on demographic similarities to target voters for increased conversion, matching voters with the most similar volunteers in your organization.

Mapping Segments
Handraiser will create a map of the voters in a Segments so that your canvassers can be sure to visit the homes of your most valuable potential voters and encourage them to get out to vote.

Multi-Channel Communication

Reaching out to voters is often done through multiple methods of communication and Handraiser has you covered with anything you may need.

Email Messaging
Create email templates and customize them for very specific segments of your potential voters.  Handraiser handles the personalization, sending & tracking of the emails.

SMS Messages
Send personalized SMS messages to your voter segments, engaging anyone with a cell phone in just a few seconds.

VOIP Phone Calls 
Call center volunteers can make calls directly from their browser with Handraiser’s embedded VOIP. Use custom scripts and questions, automatically populated with voter-specific details to add a personal touch to every call while still staying on message.

handraiser iphone

Mobile Apps

Available for both iOS and Android devices, Handraiser apps put the power of your voter database directly in your volunteer’s hands.

Guide Canvassers
Handraiser will guide your Canvassers to the locations of targeted voters you wish to talk with, making their routes and their time more efficient.

Reference Voter Data
Easily enter information from your voter visits directly into Handraiser, updating your voter information in your Handraiser database for future use.

Capture Live Polling Data
Your staff can capture live polling data right from their mobile device, allowing your team to see reports and results right in Handraiser as the information is entered.

handraiser iphone

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